Native American Artifacts (Download)

Native American Artifacts (Download)
Year: 2014
Genre(s): Documentary, History
Studio(s): Lauric Press
Director(s): Paul Schanen and David Hunzicker

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Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin (Download)
By Paul Schanen and Dave Hunzicker

Native American Artifacts of Wisconsin is designed to bridge the gap between the professional and amateur archaeologist. In an easy and logical format, it serves as an excellent reference on the prehistoric artifacts found specifically in Wisconsin. The guide provides time periods, detailed drawings, artifact photos, and documented discovery locations quickly and easily, without the reader having to wade through lengthy journal entries or detailed scholarly papers.

In addition, Paul and David provide guidelines to collectors about the importance of documenting the circumstances and locations of their own artifact finds and how best to share this information with others in order to increase our collective knowledge about these priceless, prehistoric artifacts and the populations who created and used them. Only through careful unearthing, detailed documentation and collaborative sharing will we learn about the people(s) that lived thousands of years ago. No doubt much remains for us to discover about Native Americans from the daily tools they used as they farmed, hunted, lived, hoped, dreamed, and died among the very same forests, hills and streams Wisconsin residents call home today.

Paul Schanen has spent more than 20 years researching and documenting sites all over Central Wisconsin. Eventually, Paul went on to study Anthropology and Geography at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. While in Stevens Point, Paul worked on a number of archaeological dig sites and spent countless hours working in the Regional Archaeology Center where he handled, identified, and preserved thousands of artifacts from around the Badger State. Since leaving school, Paul has become keenly aware of the need for a Wisconsin-specific Native American artifact guide. Paul’s inspiration, initiative, and perseverance were invaluable in the creation of this guide.

David Hunzicker's passion for archaeology began when the family's modest arrow-head collection was passed to him at age 12. The powerful experience of discovering, handling, and collecting these ancient artifacts made him a lifelong student of the prehistory of his home state of Wisconsin. A collector since 1991 and published author in multiple professional journals, David developed an open and inclusive perspective of our collective responsibility to treasure and preserve the evidence that remains of the prehistoric inhabitants of Wisconsin. David holds a B.A. in Geology from Carleton College in Minnesota with minors in Archaeology and Environmental Studies, and an M.A. in Museum Education from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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