My Gun is My Passport (Paperback)

My Gun is My Passport (Paperback)

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My Gun is My Passport (Paperback)
By Hock Hochheim

Winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Award for Military Fiction!

Johann Gunther, is a German immigrant, a West Point graduate, ex-U.S. Army officer and former Oklahoma lawman. At the turn of the 20th Century, he runs a problem-solving agency in Ft. Worth, Texas called Remedies, Inc. where if the fee is right, he works as a private detective, a gun fighter, bodyguard and all-around trouble-shooter for hire. He operates in a new world of changing politics, inventive science and exploding technology.

In 1906, when U. S. Army Colonel Vito Latissimo and his unit disappear on an discovery expedition in Afghanistan, President Theodore Roosevelt suspects an international, criminal conspiracy. He asks his former Rough Rider Lieutenant, Gunther to act as his free-lance agent and accompany the follow-up British and American mission to locate this officer. Along for the investigation are Latissimo's ill, angry and deserted wife, her beautiful caretaker niece, an aged cavalry company, geographic society's photographers, a reckless English Commander, his British Lancers and a division of Indian Sepoy soldiers.

After the assassination of the U.S. contingent's leader, Gunther reluctantly ends up in charge of the American unit. They find Latissimo alive, well and scheming, and Gunther uncovers a plot to assist Russia in the Great Game of disrupting Britain in both India and Afghanistan, plus a traitor's mad scheme to become king of the far Khyber Pass. Gunther outwits foreign spies and revenges a murder on a cruise ship in the Straits of Gibraltar. He battles savage tribes, escapes religious riots in Bombay, crushes Jihadists and American cutthroats in the northwest frontier of Afghanistan, and leads a climatic charge of a stone fort on the top of the world. The classic, serial hero returns in the form of Johann Gunther in this tale of wild, unpredictable, high action and international adventure.

About the author: W. Hock Hochheim is a former U.S. Army investigator and Texas police investigator, patrol officer and a former private investigator. He currently owns and operates an international combatives training company and teaches in eight allied countries around the world. He is the author of six non-fiction books and countless articles on policing, the military, street survival, close quarter combat and conflict psychology. He lives in Texas.

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