Don't Even Think About It (Paperback)

Don't Even Think About It (Paperback)

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Don't Even Think About It (Paperback)
By W. Hock Hochheim

Whether hot on the trail of a killer who carves off his victim’s faces, or putting together the pieces of a case to bring a local college professor’s killer to justice, Hock Hochheim is relentless as he investigates a plethora of criminals, tracks them down and arrests them.

In Don’t Even Think About It, Hock shares the details of his life investigating crime. He tells how he escaped New York City on a motorcycle, headed west, planning to catch a freighter to Australia. But he ends up instead in Texas dodging bullets and tracking down criminals, first as a security guard, then in Asia working for Uncle Sam as a military policeman and investigator. Hock also explains how he parlayed military service in law enforcement into a civilian police investigations, private eye and bodyguard career that spans nearly three decades. Don’t Even Think About It educates, while it entertains, and leaves the reader turning pages well into the night. Along the way Hock reveals the thrills, spills and mysteries as well as the missteps, he encountered serving in law enforcement both in the U.S. and abroad.

For anyone considering a career in law enforcement, or for readers interested in real crime stories, Don't Even Think About It is a MUST READ. It will leave any reader hungry for more.

About the author: W. Hock Hochheim is a former U.S. Army investigator and Texas police investigator, patrol officer and a former private investigator. He currently owns and operates an international combatives training company and teaches in eight allied countries around the world. He is the author of six non-fiction books and countless articles on policing, the military, street survival, close quarter combat and conflict psychology. He lives in Texas.

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"Hock is a gifted story teller who has lived an interesting life. Wonder why someone seeks a career in law enforcement? You may gain some insight. Wonder why cops see the world in a, well, different, way? You may gain some insight. Do you enjoy good doses of crazy and proof that truth is stranger than fiction? Yep; here you go. If you are a very sensitive, high strung person, well, this may not be for you. For the rest of us it is a really fun read. Enjoy. - C. Dulin

"This is a book that individuals interested in `all things pertinent to interpersonal combat or even basic street survival', and especially Hock's followers, will enjoy. An additional advantage for dwellers in today's hectic world is that, because each story is self-contained, it may be `picked up' at any time to simply read just a few pages." - John H. Manhold

"This collection of stories from a veteran law enforcement officer of many years is extremely entertaining and very easy to get through. Hock has lived quite the life and he has a real talent for relaying the stories in a way which makes you feel like you're hanging out with him listening as he recounts them. I finished this book too quickly and wished there was a second volume!" - Rob K.

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