Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll (Paperback)

Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll (Paperback)

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Blood Rust - Death of the China Doll (Paperback)
By W. Hock Hochheim

Once an NYPD detective, Rusty was a rising rock star in the Organized Crimes Unit. Then, mob members and corrupt cops calling themselves the “Five Apes” lure Rusty to Grant’s Tomb and shoot him in the head. The detective in Rusty dies. The meat-puppet Rusty is all that remains, now a brain damaged, paranoid, criminal, like a psychopath he terrorizes the streets of Newark, N.J., selling drugs, robbing and even murdering. Years later, Alphonso & “The Crepe hanger,” one of the hit men who first lured Rusty to Grant’s Tomb, reveals to him that the once sensational China Doll murder case Rusty solved was really an elaborate con, a set-up executed by the Mob in an international drug smuggling conspiracy.

Soon the State where the China Doll body was dug up will execute a Steverino Downing, the innocent man convicted for the killing he didn’t commit. Alphonso reveals that the hit on Rusty was the Mob’s way of clearing up…loose ends. This news ignites something deep in Rusty’s exploded brain. He must find a way to free Downing. His obsession leads him to the Freedom Science Foundation, a group run by the internationally renowned lawyer Dr. Sad Prevell and her assistant Peter, a former S.A.S. South African commando. Both cut their teeth on such cases during African Apartheid. With their help, Rusty’s quest will take him from New York to the shipyards of South Africa and Shanghai.

Can Rusty nail the pieces of his shattered mind back together? Can he beat the Mafia, corrupt “Five Apes” cops, a Chinese Triad and even Somalia pirates in time to save Downing’s life, and still somehow redeem his own?

About the author: W. Hock Hochheim is a former U.S. Army investigator and Texas police investigator, patrol officer and a former private investigator. He currently owns and operates an international combatives training company and teaches in eight allied countries around the world. He is the author of six non-fiction books and countless articles on policing, the military, street survival, close quarter combat and conflict psychology. He lives in Texas.

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"My brother just read Hock's new book and thoroughly enjoyed it. His enthusiasm couldn't be beat. He said Hock is a kick, and the book is a real thriller. He loves everything Hock writes and always asks when the next book will be ready? He is one satisfied customer! He was laughing and talking about it so much that I'm going to read it. Thanks Hock for making my brother so happy!" - Mary Ann Sosebee, USA

"If you like to have FUN while you’re reading, I highly recommend this one!" - David Kerwood, MS.

“I finished the book Blood Rust. Man it was a great story. It was exciting, fun and easy to read. Is Detective Rusty, Peter, Dr. Sad coming back in Blood Rust 2? Hollywood movie? Yes? Please?” - Stefan M Mattsson, Helsinki, Finland

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